Toshiba YouMe 2.0 System 4 Wifi R32 (5 Ticks)


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Higher COP (coefficient of performance) = More Energy Saving 

Free WiFi Modules included


What’s Included

Prices listed below include GST and basic installation for HDB with new pipings and cables. Hence for other premises that require aircon installation, please contact us to arrange for a free site survey. And for a project that requires only replacement of existing aircon while using back existing piping and cables, the price will be cheaper than listed.

Free Upgraded Installation Materials

  • SWG 22 Copper Piping (Thicker and better than SWG 23. Less likely to have gas leaks)
  • Premium Armaflex Class 0 Insulation thickness of 1/2 inch (12.7mm) Thicker and better than 3/8 inch insulation. Class 0 tougher,  better than Class 1. Individually insulated.
  • Premium Keystone Cables (Made in Singapore)
  • 16mm uPVC Drain Pipes (Better then 13mm. Less likely to choke)


  • 5 years on compressor
  • 1 year on other spare parts
  • 2 years on workmanship

9k BTU indoor unit RAS-M10U2KCVG-SG

13k BTU indoor unit RAS-M13U2KCVG-SG

18k BTU indoor unit RAS-M18U2KCVG-SG

24k BTU indoor unit RAS-M24U2KCVG-SG

26k BTU indoor unit RAS-M26U2KCVG-SG

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Additional information

Indoor Units BTU

9/9/9/9K BTU, 13/9/9/9K BTU, 18/9/9/9K BTU, 24/9/9/9K BTU, 26/9/9/9K BTU, 13/13/9/9K BTU, 18/13/9/9K BTU, 24/13/9/9K BTU, 26/13/9/9K BTU

Outdoor Condensor Unit

30.4K BTU max (High COP) RAS-4M41U2ACVG-SG, 39.2K BTU max RAS-5M51U2ACVG-SG

Have Concrete Aircon Ledge?

Yes, No (Add New SS Metal Bracket)


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