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Welcome to Jex Aircon, your top choice for premium air con installation services in Singapore. Renowned for our commitment to excellence, we provide seamless solutions for HDBs, condos, landed properties, offices, and shops. Our skilled technicians excel in precision, adeptly handling diverse air conditioning unit requirements for HDB flats, condominiums, or landed houses.

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Additionally, our adept technicians manage hassle-free installations, prioritizing your comfort with reliable services. As the go-to destination for unparalleled aircon installation in Singapore, Jex Aircon combines customer satisfaction, advanced technology, and diverse promotions for an exceptional experience. Choose Jex Aircon, where excellence meets comfort seamlessly. Enhance your living spaces with our air conditioning unit solutions today.

NEA Green Ticks ✔✔✔✔✔

The energy efficiency of an air conditioning unit is indicated by the number of green ticks it possesses. Consider a standard-sized HDB bedroom using System 3 for 8 hours daily at $0.27/kWh. A 5-tick rated aircon incurs an annual electricity cost of approximately $650, whereas a 4-tick air con costs $750 annually. Meanwhile, a 3-tick unit totals $850, and a 2-tick aircon comes in at around $950.

These figures represent estimated annual energy costs. External factors, including temperature, sunlight exposure on the outdoor compressor unit, and the maintenance level of both the indoor and outdoor units, play a significant role in energy consumption.

For the NEA Aircon Ticks Rating, click on this link.

It’s important to note that all the listed air conditioning unit are inverter models, as non-inverter air con have been discontinued due to their lower energy efficiency. Make an informed choice for energy-saving and cost-effective air conditioning solutions.

What's included

All prices stated are inclusive of GST and basic installation for HDB units with an Aircon Ledge.

However, additional charges apply for private estates and HDB units without an Aircon Ledge, which necessitates the purchase of a bracket.

If a 1st trip is required to install piping and trunking, followed by a 2nd trip to install the Aircon, there will be an additional charge of $100 for the extra trip.

For non-standard HDB Air con installations, certain conditions apply:

  • Piping from the outdoor condenser unit to individual indoor fan coil units that exceed 15 meters.
  • Existing pipings and cables concealed behind wardrobes or inside walls.
  • Absence of an available electrical air conditioner powerpoint, necessitating either a 15-ampere power socket or a 20-ampere isolator.

These conditions may incur additional costs, and our team will ensure a transparent and efficient installation process.

Free Upgraded Materials

Class 0 Armaflex 1/2 inch
Premium 1/2 inch Thick Armaflex Class 0 Insulation for Copper Pipings

Thicker and better than 3/8 inch thick insulation, less likely to have water condensation.

Additionally, class 0 is more expensive, tougher and better fire-resistant than Class 1 insulation.

For superior thermal insulation, consider Armaflex Armacell is Pioneer and Technology World leader in Thermal Insulation

SWG 22 PSB Tested Izumi Copper Piping

With superior attributes, insulation thicker and better than SWG 23 copper or any aluminum piping is less likely to have gas leaks

jex aircon keystone cables
Premium Keystone/Sigma Cables - Made in Singapore

Opting for 3C40 for indoor units and 3C70mm cable for the outdoor unit compressor ensures better quality control and a higher percentage of copper content. This choice guarantees a more lasting solution compared to other brands

upvc 16mm drain pipe
16mm Diameter PSB Tested uPVC Drain Pipes

With a wider and superior design compared to 13mm diameter drain pipes, this option is less likely to choke, reducing the risk of aircon drain water leaking from the indoor unit.

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